Monday, 19 December 2011

Audrey Tang - Optimized For Laziness

Hi! Here is my "optimized for laziness" MetaCPAN logo entry, hopefully satisfying the "scalable to 16x16" criteria:

And here is a possible arrangement in conjunction with the original CPAN logo:

Audrey also asked us to publish the source .svg file:

I'd like to relinquish my copyrights on it (placing it under the CC0 Universal declaration), and if someone would like to take the concept and deliver a better implementation as a new entry, they have my blessing. :-)


  1. The arraignment of the books are nice. Not sure about the fonts...

    Considering how most of the submissions look, why not just use the existing CPAN logo, replacing the current "A" with this "M"?

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  3. I want to see some other pictures here. I am sure you can do better.