Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Barry Arthur - Horus Eye of CPAN

Barry sends us a second iteration of his Eye of CPAN idea, based on the comments he received on the first one.

One of the commenters on my last submission (Eye of CPAN) wished it looked more like the Eye of Horus, so here is my take on how that would look.

This time I thought I'd describe my design decisions: As I see it, MetaCPAN is a search engine (and API) for the CPAN (Perl library archive). The eye represents search. The P is for Perl and the scroll represents, well, a scroll - a papyrus (symbolising the archive (library) of written works). Colours are negotiable, of course. :)


  1. Perhaps inspirations from a Greek mythology is also apt here? (Since Meta is a Greek word, but that doesn't have to govern things.)

  2. The Eye of RA is an Egyptian mithology sign. It has nothing to do with greec mithology.

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