Sunday, 18 December 2011

Dmitry Karasik - muplus

Here's Dmitry's second entry, an evolution of his previous "mu" idea.

While working on the mu letter (I couldn't find any greek fonts that I like), and aligning the line angles there, I got an idea that sharp knife-like angles could allude to the well-known idiom that perl/cpan is a "swiss army knife", and from that idea comes the second design, "muplus".

It's the same letter "mu", but the red background and the cross above the letter make reference to the swiss flag/emblem/army logo, so unless the copyright division of the Swiss government disapproves :) you could use it too. Also, the cross can be seen also as a reference to the PerlMonks culture, where karma ranks bear terms such as saint, pope etc etc. Godless atheists like myself could be possibly satisfied with that μ+ is an antimuon symbol, and having some fun time while googling "antimuon Perl", as an exercise to the reader :)


  1. I like this. Nice constructivist feeling to it.

    I think the plus sign is an improvement over your version without in fact. It definitely invokes a feeling of meta rather than the mu by itself.

    I'm still not entirely sure I'm sold on the idea of using just the mu (or mu+) to indicate the meta of metacpan. Much like the one I did I think it looks good but not sure it works as a replacement for the word meta by itself.

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  3. Hope you will continue posting these logos. They look so awesome!