Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Raul MATEi - ::

Our most recent entrant, Raul from Rumania, appears to have gotten a message from one of his friends, pointing him at our contest:

My friend's a programmer and is in love with Perl, I'm a musician (classical guitar player) but I love all things related to web technology, design or programming. I use Perl just for simple scripts at work so I'm not a "guru", but this contest is an oportunity for me to make something valuable for the Perl community.

Following is his work, which, he says, is

a simple, clean and powerful logo that once used and abused will be a memorable one. This is the first version, that probably will be retouched.


  1. I like this. It's perl. It's clean. It works well at 16px. It is indeed memorable. Well done.

  2. Can it be Meta::CPAN instead of meta::cpan?

    1. It's lowercase so it must be functioning as a pragma.

  3. Best entry so far! It's got my vote.

  4. I also think that this is the best entry so far. I'm curious to see the "Meta::CPAN" variant as zorgnax suggested, and maybe also a different color scheme.

  5. Profesional. A succeseful and powerful logo. Great work!

  6. Hello guys, all requirements will be met, but because I haven't used a font for the text I'm forced to design M, C, P, A, N glyphs from the scratch. Next week I will come with two versions that I think will meet the above requirements. For the chosen color scheme I had some good reasons, but if you have other ideas I'll accept them with pleasure.

  7. I really like this one: looks professional, very clear to read, the full logo scales well to different sizes, the “::” means something in the context of Cpan, and the favicon is a proper symbol (rather than just letters).

    Personally I think it's good in all lower-case.

  8. yep, i like this one. lowercase looks good too and i love the "::" ;)

  9. Yeah this is great. To state the obvious: the dots are fantastic as they are the key syntax used for packages. Regarding capitalization, I vote for meta::CPAN.

  10. I really like this one. Probably my favorite.

    The dots work well as an iconized version of the logo. And it looks good both in b/w and reversed.

    Personally I'd keep the lowercase font. I realize CPAN is an acronym, and therefore should be capitalized, but esthetically it works better all lowercase. Nicely balanced with the 1 letter on each side having a ascender/descender.

    I'm impressed you carved out the font yourself. I was far too lazy to do that for any of my submissions =)