Saturday, 31 March 2012

And the winner is...

Raul Matei!  Raul's winning design is now live on Congratulations, Raul.  The response we got for the logo contest was quite positive and the sheer amount of logo submissions was very impressive.

Our sincere thanks go out to all of the designers who submitted logos to the contest.  It was great to see so much interest in creating a new look for MetaCPAN.  This also seems like an appropriate time to thank the Enlightened Perl Organization for donating the contest prize money.  Their willingness to help and extremely quick response to our request made it possible to get the contest going in no time at all.

We look forward to comments on how the logo has been integrated into the site and we look forward to continuing to improve MetaCPAN together with you.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Vote for your favourite Logos!

We've just put our logo voting application live at

If you're a contributor to either MetaCPAN-Web or CPAN-API, please be sure to vote until Friday, the 30th of March 2012.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

And that's it!

All of the submitted logos have now been posted.  There was a backlog because of a big push of designs on the last days of the contest. Some logos also had to be resubmitted because there were some issues converting the SVGs to PNGs.

Having said that, if you did submit a logo and you don't see it posted here, please contact us immediately to let us know.  We've done our best to track all submissions and we believe that we've covered everything, but hey, nobody's perfect, right?

The next step will be to polish off the voting software and begin getting the votes in.  If you've got a commit in the master branch of cpan-api or metacpan-web, you are eligible to vote.  Anyone may comment on the images.  Even if you're not able to vote, we would like to hear your comments on the various designs. You can still influence the outcome of the competition in this way.

Ronald Neubert: 12

Ronald Neubert: 11

Ronald Neubert: 10

Ronald Neubert: 9

Ronald Neubert: 8

Ronald Neubert: 7

Ronald Neubert: 6

Ronald Neubert: 5

Ronald Neubert: 4

Ronald Neubert: 3

Ronald Neubert: 2

Ronald Neubert: 1

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Ashley Pond V: }}cpan

Ashley tells us:

I have submitted it in a few different colors to show options. If I had my choice I'd probably pick the process blue and red. The "visited" color scheme is meant to evoke old-school link colors, even if subconsciously. The "hot" color scheme is for fun. I like it but I think it's not what the Perl community at large would go for. Black to show what it would look like on printed flyer or black and white business card or such. If only one is to be displayed, I'd pick the blue and red with the notice, if possible, that color scheme could certainly be voted upon.
One reason I like this design is it lends itself to a nice shorthand:
}cpan. Easy to IRC, note, etc.

Stanislaw Pusep: Alchemy

"MetaCPAN: the chemistry behind the magic"

Stanislaw tells us:

Chemistry-themed logo sketched by @creaktive (me) and drawn by @armandoaffonso. The hexagonal outer shape represents the META position of substituents in a benzene molecule. Inside of a volumetric flask, a new Perl project is born as an amalgame of CPAN modules :)

Friday, 13 January 2012

Simon Elliott

Simon tells us:

Taking inspiration from the diamond of the meta key on the old sun keyboards.
I thought the cardboard box could be easily customised in the SVG with how many packages are currently indexed, or the latest package uploaded - even animated out as new things are uploaded. 

Thomas Mueller

Thomas Mueller tells us:
It is a typografic Logo in isometric Style. To show, that this Logo can work in black or white, a black on white version and a white on black version is supplied. A possible preview of shirts covered with these versions is supplied as well.