Saturday, 14 January 2012

Ashley Pond V: }}cpan

Ashley tells us:

I have submitted it in a few different colors to show options. If I had my choice I'd probably pick the process blue and red. The "visited" color scheme is meant to evoke old-school link colors, even if subconsciously. The "hot" color scheme is for fun. I like it but I think it's not what the Perl community at large would go for. Black to show what it would look like on printed flyer or black and white business card or such. If only one is to be displayed, I'd pick the blue and red with the notice, if possible, that color scheme could certainly be voted upon.
One reason I like this design is it lends itself to a nice shorthand:
}cpan. Easy to IRC, note, etc.

Stanislaw Pusep: Alchemy

"MetaCPAN: the chemistry behind the magic"

Stanislaw tells us:

Chemistry-themed logo sketched by @creaktive (me) and drawn by @armandoaffonso. The hexagonal outer shape represents the META position of substituents in a benzene molecule. Inside of a volumetric flask, a new Perl project is born as an amalgame of CPAN modules :)

Friday, 13 January 2012

Simon Elliott

Simon tells us:

Taking inspiration from the diamond of the meta key on the old sun keyboards.
I thought the cardboard box could be easily customised in the SVG with how many packages are currently indexed, or the latest package uploaded - even animated out as new things are uploaded. 

Thomas Mueller

Thomas Mueller tells us:
It is a typografic Logo in isometric Style. To show, that this Logo can work in black or white, a black on white version and a white on black version is supplied. A possible preview of shirts covered with these versions is supplied as well.

Silke Hanisch: brachios

Silke Hanisch: a

pierini.mac: #5

pierini.mac: #4

pierini.mac: #3

pierini.mac: #2

pierini.mac #1

Andy Walker: #3

Andy tells us:
I chose to base it off of the ampersat because it is a symbol already quite familiar to Perl programmers everywhere, but also because the outward spiral connotes (at least to my mind) a sort of expansive dynamism and makes for a nice, simple logo that looks great when printed.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

perlbotix: teeswing

perlbotix tells us:

A text based logo version where the 't' form meta transforms into an underlining structure.
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