Thursday, 12 January 2012

Raul Matei: Books

Raul tells us, "Here I come (after a few days of vacation) with a new version of the logo, this version represents the three books of the old CPAN logo, but in a new stylized and simplified form. "


  1. Not a fan of the whimsical angle, but nice take on the simplicity of the Sun logo. This will probably be a strong contender.

    You're going to want to tweak the 16x16 to make it look good; right now it's kind of crap. If you're using Inkscape, try creating a linked clone of the main logo and play with its geometry and spacing (or use insets, outsets and offsets). Then, use 'icon preview' and keep an eye on the 16x16 icon. Inkscape renders off of a grid, so something as simple as nudging it a little to the right or left may make it appear clearer in the final version.