Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Salve J Nilsen: ^^CPAN

Salve says:

The theme is centered around ^^CPAN - where the carets are meant to
 both signify an M, and a kind of "double exponentiation" - perhaps
 like a "meta exponent". Also, it hints about the idea that CPAN
 should really be written in superscript, and last but not least,
 nods to Perl 6, where ^ is a convenience syntax for accessing meta
 programming features. :) 
 The carets also look a little like mountains, which should be a good
 hint about the mountains of information available through MetaCPAN
 and on CPAN in general. :D 
 The font choice is mostly for clarity, but I've "cut off" the bottom
 of the text (while still keeping it readable) in order to make the
 text a little more distinct. The logo is really not much more than a
 pimped-up version of the following text: 
 My goal was to make a very simple logo with some features that stand
 out a little. With my submission, I'd like to make it possible to Do
 Cool Stuff with the logo, so it can be made useful in different
 contexts. E.g. change the blue single-color background into a blue
 picture of sky or water. Or to extend one or two axis, so it can be
 used as a banner or printed on a rubber wristband or a scarf.
 I've made a few variations of the logo to show that there should be
 little difficulty in making the logo work for you (e.g. using it
 in both horisontal and vertical banners). The logo is probably
 best used at the bottom of a picture, or maybe where anything below
 the logo has the same (background) color as the logo text (in my
 examples, white). The wide logo example can also with good effect be
 turned 90 degrees clockwise for use in the left margin of a page.
 My favourite is the blue with the "left-weighted" carets, it gives
 me a nice vibe of winter sports. :)


  1. The initial problem I see with this is the logo is very similar to Kathmandu's ( Clothing Brand ) new logo.


    Granted, the style is very different when you see them side by side, but seeing the M made me instinctively think of that logo for some reason.

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